Prices and Fees

Memberships are beneficial for those who would like to attend pole classes more than twice a  month. You would enjoy all of our wonderful classes and benefits of being a member.

Pole Warrior Membership - $120 6 Month Contract

Pole Warrior Membership - $150 3 Month Contract

Membership Joining fee of $19.99)

6 Classes a Month

Complementary T-shirt

$5 off per person when booking a party/ private session

Free open gym/ pole practice on Monday’s and on open availability

Additional membership information:

4 Classes a Month Memberships Available.

Pole Diva Membership - $65.00 per month (6 month contract)

Pole Diva Membership - $75.00 per month ( 3 month contract)

One-week membership $80

Pre-pay for six months and get one month free

Pre-pay for 12 months and get 3 months free

10 Pole Classes Punch Card -$199 (Valid for 45 Days)

20 Pole Classes Punch Card -$299 (Valid for 90 Days)


2 Day 45 minute Pole Diva Class Pass $45.00

Are you new to Kiki Dance Studio?

Want to know how to Build Confidence, Get Fit and Have Fun at The Same Time?

*New Client Special Only*

Try us out for 2 Days!

-2 Day Access to Kiki Dance Studio Fitness Classes for 2 days on open availability

*All Sales Are Final*


Pole Dancing Classes - $25 per person

Pole Dancing One Class (Levels 1 -5, Beginner Pole Dance,Pole Tricks etc...) 

Students & military with ID - $20

Open gym/ pole practice time on Mondays for non-members - $35


Private Sessions

45 mins. Pole Dance - $60.00

1.5 Hour Bring a Friend Package + Special Gift (Semi-Private):

  • Two people - $110 each, $220 total

  • Three people - $85 each, $255 total

  • Four/Five people - $65 each

60 mins. Pole Dance- $85.00

90 mins. Pole Dance- $120.00

Mommy and Me - $50.00 per session 

Pole Fitness/ Aerial Silks

Pole Body Bootcamp - $25 per person

45 Min Length Classes

Join us weeknights for an intense Powered workout!

Embrace the Pain!

No Pain No Gain!


Twist it Like Kiki - $15 per person

35 Min Length Classes

Stretching is good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Join us in this sensational flexibility training class as we focus on targeting key areas of the body to gain and improve your flexibility and mobility.

Succulent Motion - $20 per person

60 Min Length Classes

Join us to perform movements performed on the floor. Succulent Motion is one of the most important parts of a pole dance routine because it gives you a “break” between exhausting and challenging pole moves and holds as well as gives more room for expressive dancing. It allows you to freely move your body in a more creative and expressive way so that your dance works with the music lyrics and not against it.


Chair Dance - $20 per person

60 Min Length Classes

Learn how to be sensual and seductive with chair moves that improves your coordination, balance and strength. Bring out the sexy and flow within your body! Ignite your Fire and Gain your Power!

Let's Get Chair Frisky!

Twerk Aerobics - $15 per person

60 Min Length Classes

Learn how to move your body, booty, and build your endurance through the different styles of Twerk! We will help you tone and lift that Booty!

Let's Have Fun!

Beginner Aerial Silks - $25 per person
50 min class duration
This beginner version of our multi-level class consists of a group warm-up followed by aerial warm-up on the silks, which focuses on building strength and endurance. The class then progresses to basic climbing and basic moves on the silks. It combines the rigor of aerial silks training with the fun and artistry of aerial dance.

Aerial Hammock - $25.00 per person
50 min class duration
In this beginner level class, from a single point, this is where we learn & build a foundation for our Aerial Hammock practice. We'll work on items such as conditioning, mounts, dismounts, transitions while challenging our balance. Beginners will move towards learning how to flow together poses and movement while gaining strength and improving flexibility.

Aerial Hoop aka LYRA - $20.00 per person

50 min class duration
Work on the fundamentals in this lyra class. Students will start to develop the core strength and flexibility required for Aerial Hoop – aka Lyra – while working on various skills including mounts, spins, swings and dismounts.

Yoga Trapeze - $20.00 per person
The yoga trapeze is a swing-like contraption that allows you to perform exercises using “pull” motions for building upper body and core strength using the 3 handles on each side of the sling. It also acts as a tool in many other yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques, there is three specific and important ways aerial and yoga trapeze work with your body: traction, back, and core strengthening, and flexibility.

Juggling  (Sticks, Balls, Diabolo) Level I,II,III - $25 per person

Come learn the basics of juggling various objects. We will begin with balls and then advance to working with sticks. Juggling will increase your focus and coordination for children and adults.

Hula Hoop Spinning- $15 per person

Learn to spin, dance, and perform tricks with a hula hoop. This class will teach you all about how to move and connect with the hoop, how to transition from on- body to off- body flow, and how to incorporate dance into hooping. This form of flow arts gets your heart pumping and is fun and creative.


Senior, Student & Military Discounts* (Proof of ID Required)

Get $5 off classes - $20 pole classes.

ASU Students, military and seniors get $10 off your one time joining fee for membership.

Seniors Discount. Age 60+ receive 50% off

* Discounts are offered on individual classes. Seniors will not get the same discount for the memberships ($99/month) because our offers are amazing!

Classes are 45 min in length.  




Cancellation Policy - Cancellation Policy - Due to the limited space in our classes there will be a late cancellation fee ($10 for non-members / $5 for members) automatically charged for cancellations that occur later than 24 hours prior to scheduled class; me.

"We Now offer Punch Cards"

Bring 10 people and get a FREE POLE  Diva PARTY!