Poll Class Ethics

Waiver forms are provided upon arrival and all customers MUST sign, agree and understand that any exercise activity has the potential to be hazardous and cause injury. All medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the participant.


  • No creams or oils should be used while attempting to use the pole, as you may slip and lose grip.

  • If you are in pain from an injury do not come to class

  • If you are on painkillers, as it will mask any warning pains.

  • If you are undergoing medical treatment or taking drugs- consult your doctor first.

  • If you are pregnant do not participate in the pole tricks in particular, as the activity has not been formed with pregnancy in mind.

  • Remember it is always wise to consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise.

  • Always stop exercise if it causes pain or dizziness.

  • Always participate in the warm up before attempting the Pole Tricks.



Cancellation Policy - Due to the limited space in our classes there will be a late cancellation fee ($10 for non members / $5 for members) automatically charged for cancellations that occur later than 24 hours prior to scheduled class time.

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