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Kiki Dance Studio Wellness

Let’s add a little…...S.A.A.S.S (Serenity and Aerial Sensory Skills)
Our SAASS program is a unique fitness and play (expressive) therapy tool for those who would benefit from the experience of working together in a safe, supportive environment, that encourages fun, skill, communication, trust, and bonding. focusing on meditation, relaxation, the foundation and theory of dance, aerial yoga, aerial silks, and circus skills, with an added emphasis on what the brain and nervous system need for self-regulation, as well as enrichment.

Ohh wait...we have more…..
Pole Fitness, Vertical Pole, Pole Dancing, Polercise, Juggling, hula hoop spinning – however, you choose to look at it or refer to it, one thing is a given. It will be your new addiction! 
We want to help you achieve your greatest challenges and breakthrough your own expectations of your abilities. Then we can stand back and watch your pride, self-esteem and body change as you challenge yourself in a whole new way, amongst a group of women, men, and children who will become a part of and create a new extended aerial family.

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This program can benefit Families, Children, Teens, and Couples as well; and will also benefit individuals faced with:
• Behavioral issues / Self-esteem issues
• Sensory and processing issues
• Emotional and physical challenges
• Designed ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, PDD, Cerebral Palsy, SPD

How are Aerial skills and fitness THERAPEUTIC? Aerial Skills and fitness provide a calming sensory 
experience. The therapeutic poses are designed with an emphasis on the central nervous system, which promotes sensory integration and self-regulation.

Benefits including Bilateral coordination skills, Muscle strength, including one’s core, brain and body balancing, ability to overcome fears, self-esteem and trust building.


• Self-Regulation. An inversion is a great tool for self-regulation.
• Deep Pressure. The suspended yoga hammock provides deep pressure, which is instantly calming to the central nervous system.
• Body Awareness. The hammock promotes motor planning and working memory while engaging in the poses.
• Sensory Integration. The hammock provides sensory input in a tranquil, fun, therapeutic environment.

• Attention and Focus. Aerial poses require more steps than land-based yoga. You have to focus, otherwise, you fall out of the hammock.
• Executive Function. The complex poses require working memory, motor planning, and awareness, which are higher-level cognitive skills needed to self-regulate behavior.
• Aerial yoga improves the ability to be less reactive and more mindful of thoughts and speech.
• Reduced academic problems. We are building neuropathways every time we practice a new skill. Thus, in each class, when we practice social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and aerial skills we are literally building networks in the brain!



• Marriage Issues
• Divorce Issues
• Depression
• Parenting
• Grief/Loss
• Adjustment Issues
• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Parent-Child Conflicts
• Anger Management
• PTSD (Post Traumatic
• Stress Disorder)
• Adolescent Issues
• Bi-Polar Disorder
• LGBTQ Concerns
• Relationship Issues
• Self-Esteem Issues
• Family Conflict

• Coping Skills
• Abuse/Trauma
• Conflict Resolution
• Boundary Development
• And much more...…


• Creative Expression

• Art Therapy 
• Relaxation Therapy

For Families; Individuals; and Groups

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and have difficult decisions to make. Creative Expressive Counseling is designed to help you through those times.


Movement is the opposite of being stuck. When sad, depressed, anxious, and feeling stuck, our bodies manifest those emotions. Our bodies become tense, tight, and our breath becomes shallow. Kiki Dance Studio provides a supportive space to move all body parts. Movement is a tool or resource we can use from a place of tensions and tightness to embodying feelings of joy, strength, and hope. 


Through creative expressive counseling you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and gain new skills, change unwanted patterns and build upon your strengths and abilities.


We work with individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss or who are experiencing stress and struggling in the management of the stress. We work with adults, adolescents, and children who might be experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety and difficulty getting along with siblings, peers or parents.


We will listen, support and encourage you to use the different outlets that our facility offer while you meet and explore the challenges in your life.


“We help in the lives of children, adults and their families while facilitating long term growth and emotional well-being.


Clients will experience a variety of the following activities:

Aerial Silks  •  Aerial Hammock  •  Aerial Yoga Trapeze  •  Aerial Lyra (Hoops)
Flying Aerial Fitness Pole  •  Fitness Pole  •  Juggling  •  Poi Spinning  
Hula Hoop Spinning  •  Jump Roping

Meet Our Wellness Team


 Kyjione "Kiki" King

Owner and Founder of Kiki Dance Studio. Kiki was born and raised in Blytheville, AR. She was introduced to pole and aerial fitness in 2013. It was there when passion to learn and teach others was ignited. Prior to pole and aerial fitness, she gained weight, but by doing pole and aerial she not only lost the weight; She gained her confidence and power back. While having a background working as a Mental Health Paraprofessional, she recognized the therapeutic effects of pole and aerial fitness and it's profound ability to be a positive outlet for stress. Along with a background in Mental Health Kiki also studied dance and gymnastic with experiences beginning in her early childhood. Pole and aerial fitness is a continuously learning  experience and along with her clients, Kiki furthers her education so that she may provide the best experience possible. Kiki used pole and aerial fitness to conquer goals within herself and as time went by she was able to encourage family and friends to join her as well. What started as a home business, then expanded to her garage, and now has evolved into a steadily growing business. She not only offer pole and aerial classes for adults, but age appropriate classes and routines for children in which her 5 daughters who share her passion as mini instructors. Kiki goal is to end negative stigmas that are associated with poling and aerial fitness promote more positive outlooks on what a phenomenal workout pole and aerial fitness is. Poling and aerial fitness can help women to build confidence, loose weight, improve their overall health and have fun while doing it. The most important aspect of poling and aerial fitness to Kiki is building a sisterhood amongst women from different backgrounds and body sizes and pushing women through pole and aerial fitness world wide, because poling and aerial fitness can truly be for everyone.


 Jannie Tackett, LPC

Jannie greatest privilege as a therapist is empowering her clients to make changes in their lives for the better. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to listen to them and to accept them as they are, without judgement. Jannie has been a licensed professional counselor since October 2007. She has twelve years of experience and has worked with children, adolescents and adults. She has also ran an after school 
program and summer program for almost nine years. Also she has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Art Education(2000) Degree. Jannie knew then that she wanted to continue to help others, so she pursued a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling Degree and received her diploma in August 2007. Jannie incorporates art in her therapy for those individuals who want a different outlet to deal with the obstacles that life throws sometimes. She is currently finishing up her B.F.A in Studio Arts.


“When life throws you curves, it is how we respond to those curves that make us who we are.”


Meet Our Team
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Aerial Silks 
Aerial Yoga Trapeze  

Aerial Lyra (Hoops)
Flying Aerial Fitness Pole

Fitness Pole

Poi Spinning  
Hula Hoop Spinning

Jump Roping

Please contact us to inquire about our youth program.

And don't forget to ask about our

Mommy and Me or Father and Me Classes

Instructed by:

Isabelle King

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