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Meet the Instructors

Meet the Instructors

Kyjione "Kiki" King

Owner and Founder of Kiki Dance Studio. Kiki was born and raised in Blytheville, Arkansas. She was introduced to Pole and Aerial fitness in 2013. It was there when passion to learn and teach others was ignited. Prior to Pole and Aerial Fitness she gained weight but by doing pole she not only lost the weight; She gained her confidence and power back. While having a background working as a Mental Health Paraprofessional, she recognized the therapeutic effects of Pole and Aerial Fitness and it's profound ability to be a positive outlet for stress. Along with a background in Mental Health Kiki also studied dance and gymnastic with experiences beginning in her early childhood. Pole and Aerial Fitness is a continuously learning experience and along with her clients, Kiki furthers her education so that she may provide the best experience possible.  Kiki used Pole and Aerial fitness to conquer goals within herself and as time went by she was able to encourage family and friends to join her as well. What started as a home business, then expanded to her garage, and now has evolved into a steadily growing business. She not only offer pole class for adults, but age appropriate classes and routines for children in which her 5 daughters who share her passion as mini instructors. Kiki goal is to end negative stigmas that are associated with Pole and Aerial Fitness and promote more positive outlooks on what a phenomenal workout Pole and Aerial Fitness is. Poling and Aerial Fitness can help women to build confidence, lose weight, improve their overall health and have fun while doing it. The most important aspect of pole and Aerial Fitness to Kiki is building a sisterhood amongst women from different backgrounds and body sizes and pushing women through Pole and Aerial world wide, because Pole and Aerial Fitness can truly be for everyone.

Isabelle King

She’s 20 years old and loves pole fitness for the confidence Booster. She lived in Jonesboro about 8 years moved from Houston, Texas. She been doing pole almost over a year now. Isabelle used to weigh 180, now weighs 165. She started doing pole to get fit and build confidence because she had low self esteem and didn’t like her weight. Since she been at Kiki Dance Studio, she learned how to love her curves and build confidence.

Nebraska Thompson

She is from Jonesboro, Ar where she attends Arkansas State University- Newport (Jonesboro Campus) pursuing to major in Criminal Justice. At first, she was very shy about pole dancing because of her weight. She feared her weight would stop her from being able to pole dance. Her confidence level is now higher and her weight is dropping; she started out weighing 252 pounds and is now weighing 242 pounds. Pole dancing has helped bring her up and she is more happy within herself. She loves every curve of her body and wants to influence others to love and embrace their curves too.


Alhassan Fofanah Bangura

He is a world-renowned artist from Sierra Leone. He first learned the arts of fire and juggling when he trained with the entertainment group Cirque de Soleil who were in West Africa to encourage the children affected by a decade long civil war. While living in a refugee camp as a teenager, Alhassan learned with the group and since then his talents have taken him around the world, working as an entertainer with various groups in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Eastern Europe and now the US. Let Alhassan help you explore and expand your world by learning something new and exciting. He offers Fire Arts (Fire eating, poi) Level I, II, III
Juggling (Sticks, Balls, Diabolo) Level I, II, III
Djembe (African Drum) Level I, II, III.


Shawanda Anderson

She is a mother of three and has a degree in CNA plus Phlebotomist. She was introduced to pole by a friend of hers that invited her to attend a one-on-one class. After that class, she had to get more involved because she loved the way it made her feel about herself and she loved seeing women uplift each other. She always battled self-esteem issues because of her weight. She weighed 278 at her biggest and 130 at her smallest. She weighs a 163 pounds now with muscle mass. She started to eat healthy and became more active and before she knew it she was almost 100 pounds lighter. Joining Kiki Dance Studio was one of the best decisions that she has made thus far. She noticed a big difference in her body. Her body had begun to tone. The loose skin became tightened. Kiki dance studio has helped with her confidence in herself and she loves motivating others to get to the same level of confidence as herself.


Emily Sickler

She is 28, a wife, a mother of twins, a business owner, and a serial entrepreneur. Her true passion is dancing! She started her pole journey almost 2 years ago and fell in LOVE with the sport. She was intimidated at first because she considers herself a “big girl” and she thought to herself “I can’t do this” but she started taking the classes anyway. Kiki made her feel so comfortable and confident until finally she found her passion for dancing again and her confidence followed. She is so excited to start this journey and be a part of this amazing team where we get to help other women gain their confidence back and MOVE THEIR BODIES!


Victoria Rose

She is 23 years old and was born in Chicago, Illinois  but raised in Jonesboro Arkansas. I’ve always had a desire to dance but was painfully shy as a child and not confident within myself. The first time seeing someone pole; my mind was blown at how beautiful the dancers moves were and by the strength they had. From that moment, I knew I had an interest in pole. I went and bought a pole for my home and looked up YouTube videos and learned the basics. It all started from there and I went for my dream. I now have way more confidence than I could ever imagine. I am motivated to help those who love to pole, wanting to gain confidence, and those that are looking for a new outlet to a new start of life.


Je'Nea Watson

She attends Arkansas state university-Newport. She is from Forest City, AR. Graduated from Jonesboro High in 2015. She is a homecare worker and is experienced in working in the medical field. She Enjoys teaching others and also motivating others to try new things! She loves doing Pole because it motivates and encourages her. She loves helping women find their super powers

Class Description

In these classes, you’ll strengthen upper body, core, increase flexibility, lose weight, tone and increase your overall strength. Most importantly, build confidence and relieve stress.  Please see a description of our amazing classes below.​

Intro to Pole

Learn to trust and become one with the pole as you develop muscle and build core strength. You will be able to incorporate transitions, spins and floor work into mini choreographed routines that will work muscles you never thought you had. Don’t be discouraged! It gets frustrating but it is so much fun and such a great workout! You will be amazed on what you can do.​​

Level 2 Pole 

Use the transitions and beginner spins learned in Level 1 coupled with the conditioning and strengthening in Beginner Tricks/Conditioning, add more spins, moves and combinations and you’ve got an amazing workout. Warm Ups and Cool downs are a MUST for this class. Safely learn pole sits, hang backs, and condition/strength training preparation for inverting (going upside down). You must be able to complete a short test to advance to Level 2.

Level 1 Pole

Beginner Tricks/ Pole Conditioning. Learn beginner spins, transitions, combinations and climbs in this class that strengthens your core and upper body in preparation for more advance pole classes. All levels welcome. You can learn something new each day. At least 5 conditioning classes are required before advancing to Level 2 Pole.​​

Level 3 Pole​​​

You have made it!!!! You are finally ready to go upside down! Combine transitions, spins, strengthening and conditioning learned in levels 1 and 2. You’ve got the what it takes to begin exploring mind blowing pole tricks that challenge you

physically and mentally. You won’t believe the moves and tricks you can achieve with practice and dedication.

Level 4 and Level 5 Pole


Juggling Description:

Level I 

In this beginner level class, we will learn the basics of juggling various objects. We will begin with balls and then advance to working with sticks. Juggling is a great way to increase focus and coordination for children and adults! Research has found that juggling can help greatly improve
symptoms of ADHD, PTSD and increase brain growth.

Level II

In this intermediate class we will turn it up a notch! Students should have already mastered juggling at least 3-5 objects. We will be working with sticks, balls and the diabolo(a popular circus prop). This more advanced level provides focus and coordination training and also a great upper body workout.

• Wear comfortable workout clothes that let you stretch and make you feel cute and sexy.
• Bring a yoga mat, towel and water. All of these things are available to rent or buy at the studio if you forget something.
• Our doors open 10 minutes before the start of class. During class our doors are locked.  Please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive to the studio before the scheduled start time of your class.
• Please turn your cell phones off or to vibrate upon entering the studio.  
• Please refrain from using oils, strong scents (such as perfume) while in the studio.
• Please leave bags, phones and other personal items in the bins.

Level III

In this advanced class, students will have already gained the basics of juggling and control. We will be working with sticks, balls, diabolo and we will begin to learn the basics of juggling with fire. Students will be have a chance to perform their skills in a public event!.

Hula Hoop Spinning Description:

Hula Hooping

In this beginner level class, you will learn that Hula Hoop Spinning is as intense or as playful and low impact as you wish to make it. It's very versatile, and a great way to get moving and get your heart rate going. Hula hooping is more than spinning it on your waist (although that is fun too, and great cardio), it's throwing it up in the air, catching it, spinning it on your arms, legs, neck, head (yes this is a thing), and DANCING with the hoop. Hula hooping is a flow art that involves object manipulation, that object being the hoop, of course. As your hoop flow progresses, you will find yourself connecting more with the hoop, and more importantly, YOURSELF! When you interact with the hoop, you become more aware of your body and what it is doing in relation to the hoop.

Class Description
Pole Class Ethics

Pole Class Ethics

Waiver forms are provided upon arrival and all customers MUST sign, agree and understand that any exercise activity has the potential to be hazardous and cause injury. All medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the participant.


  • No creams or oils should be used while attempting to use the pole, as you may slip and lose grip.

  • If you are in pain from an injury do not come to class

  • If you are on painkillers, as it will mask any warning pains.

  • If you are undergoing medical treatment or taking drugs- consult your doctor first.

  • If you are pregnant do not participate in the pole tricks in particular, as the activity has not been formed with pregnancy in mind.

  • Remember it is always wise to consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise.

  • Always stop exercise if it causes pain or dizziness.

  • Always participate in the warm up before attempting the Pole Tricks.



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